A Dual Theory of Nocturnal Enuresis

I. Kolvin and J. Taunch

In: Bladder Control and Enuresis 1973; 156-172

With thanks to Elsevier for their support for this project and for giving permission to reproduce this chapter.

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Reprinted from Bladder Control and Enuresis, I. Kolvin, R.C. MacKeith and S.R. Meadow (eds.) "A Dual Theory of Nocturnal Enuresis", I. Kolvin and J. Taunch, pp. 156-172 (© Heinemann Medical, 1973).


Although enuresis has been recognised as a problem for many centuries, it is only during the last fifty years that the topic has been systematically studied, most of the major advances having occurred within the last twenty years. The earlier studies suffered from imprecision, in that the terms they used were ill-defined and they did not adequately explain or differentiate between the different forms of enuresis.

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