Child Psychiatry

I. Kolvin and A.R. Nicol

In: Recent Advances in Clinical Psychiatry 1979; 3:198-332

With thanks to Elsevier for their support for this project and for giving permission to reproduce this chapter.

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Reprinted from Recent Advances in Clinical Psychiatry Volume 3, K. Granville-Grossman (ed.), "Child Psychiatry", I. Kolvin and A.R. Nicol pp. 198-332, (©Churchill Livingstone, 1979).


The literature is replete with evidence of major advances in the field of child psychiatry during the last decade. All avenues are being actively explored with both great verve and scientific rigour. One of the more exciting aspects of such advances is the willingness to use whatever techniques appear appropriate to a particular question irrespective of whether they have been developed or modified to deal with problems in other branches of psychiatry (such as the use of multivariate technique in classification), other branches of medicine (biological techniques of paediatrics) or in relation to other species (ethology). We can therefore again only deal with some of the areas in which important advances have been recorded.

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