Childhood Schizophrenia

I. Kolvin and T.P. Berney

In: Handbook of Studies on Child Psychiatry 1990; 123-136

With thanks to Elsevier for their support for this project and for giving permission to reproduce this chapter.

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Reprinted from Handbook of Studies on Child Psychiatry, B.J. Tonge, G.D. Burrows, J.S. Werr (eds.), "Childhood Schizophrenia", I. Kolvin and T.P. Berney, pp. 123-136 (©Elsevier, 1990).


The classification and diagnosis of adult schizophrenia has been, and remains, a complex matter with changing views as to whether the concept should be defined more widely or narrowly, and whether few or multiple categories are subsumed within the wider syndrome. For a long time the most prevalent view was that there was a unitary psychosis extending from infancy to adulthood with manifestations being age-related.

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