The incidence and depth of disturbance in a sample of deaf children

I. Kolvin

Psychiatry and the Deaf Child 1969; 31-39

By permission of Oxford University Press

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I. Kolvin, "The incidence and depth of disturbance in a sample of deaf children". pp 31-39, in J.H. Kahn (ed.), Psychiatry and the Deaf Child, proceedings of a conference at the Royal Society of Medicine on 8th June, 1968, convened by the Medical Research Committee of the National Deaf Children's Society, (©H.K. Lewis, 1969).


I am afraid I am really here under false pretences. Some months ago when Dr Henderson was visiting Newcastle, we were in the planning stage of our research. So I am sure when the invitation was sent out, Dr Henderson must have realised that all I could do was to outline what we are doing.

Our hospital lies cheek by jowl with the main day and residential school for the profoundly deaf of Newcastle City and surrounding counties. As such, we are presented with a highly fascinating but also highly selected group of cases. Therefore, we thought it would be eminently sensible to study systematically the cases coming our way. We started with an examination of our case material. This provided some important leads or hunches, which could be developed into hypothetical forms.

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