Aggression in adolescent delinquents

I. Kolvin, C. Ounsted and D. Lee

The British Journal of Criminology 1967;7(3):296-314

By permission of Oxford University Press

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I. Kolvin, C. Ounsted and D. Lee "Aggression in adolescent delinquents", The British Journal of Criminology, Volume 7, No. 3, pp. 296-314 (© Oxford University Press, July 1967).


Bandura and Walters (1959) have carefully studied adolescent aggression, They tried to ascertain the relationship between early child training practices, family inter-relationships and aggression. Their method was primarily that of intensive interview with twenty-six aggressive boys and twenty-six matched controls; it was confined to boys of average or above average intelligence who came from intact homes and whose parents were in steady employment.

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