Survey of boys on psychiatric remand

I. Kolvin and C. Ounsted

Medicine, Science and the Law 1968; 8(2):88-95

With thanks to the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine for their support for this project and for giving permission to reproduce the article.

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I. Kolvin and C. Ounsted, "Survey of boys on psychiatric remand", Medicine, Science and the Law, Volume 8, No. 2 , pp. 88-95 (The Royal Society of Medicine Press Ltd, April 1968).


The most complex cases of juvenile delinquency gather together in the remand home for the most complex reasons. One of the principal reasons is to obtain a psychiatric report. This is evidenced by the fact that just over 33 per cent. of the Oxford Remand Home population were referred for psychiatric examination. Such a group, being potentially marginal between mental disorder and delinquency, is of major interest as it could provide clues about the hypothesised underlying relationships between juvenile delinquency and mental disorder (cf. M. Roth discussing the borderland between organic and functional stats, 1963).

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