Talking with Michael Rutter

I. Kolvin

British Journal of Psychiatry 1999; 174:494-499

With thanks to the Royal College of Psychiatrists for their support for this project. This article has been reproduced from the British Journal of Psychiatry, with the original available here:

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I. Kolvin, "Talking with Michael Rutter", British Journal of Psychiatry, Volume 174, pp.494-499, (Royal College of Psychiatrists, 1999).


Professor Kolvin: l have always been fascinated by creativity and the factors that contribute to it. You are an extraordinarily creative individual. Can we explore the origins of this? Are there any early life factors that you would identify as important?

Professor Rutter: I am not quite sure how one characterises creativity, so let me put on one side whether that is an appropriate adjective, and simply respond according to the way I am. My style has always involved a questioning approach, and I suppose there are two features in my background that might be relevant, although I really do not know the extent to which they were influential. First, throughout my childhood, I moved from place to place.

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