Cerebral dysfunction and childhood psychoses

I. Kolvin, C. Ounsted, M. Roth

British Journal of Psychiatry 1971; 118:404-414

With thanks to the Royal College of Psychiatrists for their support for this project. This article has been reproduced from the British Journal of Psychiatry, with the original available here: http://bjp.rcpsych.org/content/118/545/407.full.pdf+html?sid=575ccf41-54...

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I. Kolvin, C. Ounsted, M. Roth, "Cerebral dysfunction and childhood psychoses", British Journal of Psychiatry, Volume 118, pages 404-414, (Royal College of Psychiatrists, 1971).


A series of recent papers (Creak, 1961, 1963; Rutter, 1966; Brown, 1963; Lotter, 1967; Schain and Yannet, 1960) have provided evidence of degrees of cerebral dysfunction in infantile autism (Kanner, 1943) and other infantile psychoses. They have demonstrated that groups of cases of infantile psychoses satisfying broadly similar diagnostic criteria have in their backgrounds a variable frequency of cerebral insult and abnormal discharge in EEG.

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