Honorary Doctorate

Issy at graduation

Speech by Professor Israel Kolvin upon receiving Honorary Doctorate in 2002
I am an old bird, and in the late 1980s my dear friend and colleague Dora Black set out to dislodge me from my chilly northern perch. Although I ruled the roost there, and was thriving in my habitat, she beguiled me with tales of the red hot intellectual climate prevailing here in the south, of the bright and colourful birds of a feather flocking together, and of the rich feeding grounds where with one swoop you could emerge with fat research funds wriggling in your beak. 
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Citation on the occasion of Israel Kolvin receiving an Honorary Doctorate in 2002

Vice-Chancellor, Dean, Graduands, Faculty, Ladies and Gentlemen, I have pleasure in presenting to you for an honorary doctorate in education, Israel Kolvin, Bowlby Emeritus Professor of Child and Family Mental Health at the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, University College, London and the Tavistock Centre.
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